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I would recommend Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Lisa,  to anyone wanting to release trauma, but are feeling scared about what will surface. When I first went to see Lisa, I was so anxious I didn't know what to expect or even if I was going to be able to handle the session. Lisa made me feel so welcome, and more importantly, she made me feel SAFE in my body, as most people that have been through trauma don't trust easily or feel safe ever. I left my first session feeling so good and so safe. Every session after that, I've managed to slowly release old trauma and emotions, while always feeling safely guided by Lisa. Each time I go to Embodymental now, I know I'm going to be ok. It’s my special time, time for just me. I'm a different person now than when I first went to see Lisa for BCST.

I’ve learnt how to breathe properly, how to hold space for myself, but most importantly, I’ve learnt to love myself and I’ve learnt that I am enough. Thankyou Lisa for allowing me to find me .

VC - age 46

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